Environmental Statement

Environmental Statement

lHTM-NW Ltd (HTM) is totally committed to achieving harmony between the environment and our corporate activities. We will accomplish this by promoting sound environmental management principles throughout the organisation and by providing the resources and expertise to make this a practical reality.
Through the implementation of our environmental management system, which meets the requirements of ISO 14001:2004, we will maintain the highest practicable standards. We shall comply with all relevant legislation, regulation and codes of practice, and specific rail industry requirements relevant to our business.

We will set out and monitor our environmental objective and targets to ensure continual improvement of our environmental performance. The implementation of this policy is fully supported by senior management who will use environmentally considerate methods and materials to fulfil our contractual obligations. We will incorporate the assessment of environmental impact in all our work planning and take appropriate action to keep any adverse impacts to a minimum.

We will promote companywide environmental awareness and ensure that (HTM):

• Comply with applicable legislation/duty of care obligations and maximise the possibility for the segregation of waste that can be re-cycled from that which can’t.

• Commit to protecting the environment, with specific identification of those activities which have a significant impact on the environment.

• Commit to conserving biodiversity.

• Maximise the efficiency of consumed energy and minimise pollution; through the adoption of an efficient transport policy for personnel and the controlled use of electrical supplies and consumables at our premises.

• Minimise the environmental impact of any physical assets (including plant and machinery) under our control, by ensuring they are properly maintained, stored, transported and utilised.

• Set and regularly monitor, relevant and challenging environmental objectives.

• Subject environmental performance to continual improvement.

We shall also:

• Encourage and promote best practice and continuous improvement in environmental performance.

• Provide appropriate training where necessary.

• Provide information and assistance to ensure that materials are used, stored and disposed of in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

• Comply with the requirements of our customers environmental policies.

This policy and its supporting objectives and targets will be communicated to all workers, customer, suppliers and sub-contractors and also to the general public where appropriate.
This policy will be reviewed at least annually for effectiveness.

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